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Phase 2 - I'm back for more. More debts... more nervous breakdowns...
And hopefuly the rays of light will shine, once in a while... yea right...
Had the first day of training at Fido, today. Mostly paper signing and the like. The rest of the class is composed of customer service reps, potentially my future employees, while I'm a team leader. In other terms, it'd look rather awkward if I performed poorly - I can feel a certain (reasonable) level of pressure!

Then again, if I compare to my job, a few years ago, at Bell, I don't think that this training shall be stressful. At Bell, there were 4 branches (landbased lines, cell phones, expressvu TV and Sympatico Internet), with each having several special offers, plans, packages or products, and with various bundling rebates and technical ordering stuff. Plus, Bell being very old, in the telecom industry, there were about 8 different overlapping applications of various generations, each having bugs, limitations, incompatibilities, etc - and as a rep you have to manuver through them all with speed enough to respect an average handling time of roughly 8 minutes per call.

At Fido, there's a single branch: Fido cell phones and plans. And a single, recent, well made central computer application that enables you to do everything. And the aimed average handling time my reps will have to attain... is still roughly 8 minutes per call...!!

I'm not saying "piece of cake!". I know better than to paint a big honking neon-flashy red shooting-practice target on my ass, bend over and call Fate a toothless old hag. I'm just saying there MIGHT be a chance that I won't be drown in the flow of training information and that i MAY have enough ease through the training to acquire a minimal level of credibility with my collaborators. Which would be good. Particularly if some of them end up in my team.

Other advantages I learned about today:
- I've got a 200$ per two years for glasses and contacts (plus eye exam fees are reimbursed too!). So I'll FINALLY be able to replace my last pair of glasses, quite conscientiously chewed by Pistou

- I've got a 300$ a year reimbursement of gym membership fees (no more excuses, the elliptical machine is calling)

- I've got 50% off all Rogers products (cell, video, internet, home phone) - only worry being the 60 gigs monthly bandwidth limit

Summary: GOOD STUFF. I actually left the building today excited about coming back tomorrow morning. That feels GOOD.

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Since 11h am this morning, I've signed as a team manager for Fido! I've got a job!


Almost a year of hard times, debts, anguish, etc. all starting to fall in place...

Training starts next monday... I CAN'T WAIT! :D

*happy happy joy joy*

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Specially for ankhorite, here are 2 bran new Pistou pictures! :)

Also, following my making of the wood chisel's handle from stright from the fearsranch, and proudly following the Dick Proenneke footsteps, here's the official Ulvain hard-wood hammer!

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One of the best zombie flashgame I've ever played - with such a well-concieved zombie "situation", i'm sure I know at least 1 or 2 LJers that will find it interresting... :)


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first tool from the logs I brought back from fearsclave's! Actually, a handle, for an old wood chisel I had. A bit like the guy from Alone in the Wilderness, I thaught it would be a nice thing to start with :)

Hopefuly, more to follow! :D


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Found a few very informational documentaries some people from my flist - fearsclave, for one - might enjoy!

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Stress can be defined as the sum of physical and mental responses to an unacceptable disparity between real or imagined personal experience and personal expectations. By this definition, stress is a response which includes both physical and mental components.

Potentially very positive, or extremely highly depressing times ahead.

1) I have an interview for a very interresting job tomorrow. Marketing coordinator, with twists and particularities that just snuggly fit my resume. The company is a small software company, and their offices aren't too far from my place, too!

2) I have an interresting potential roommate coming in sunday to visit. If it works out, he'd move-in by mid april or so. That means a cut in half of my 1355$ a month rent, to a relatively decent 677$. Even if it gets up to 700$ when the landlord - most probably - raises it to 1400$ in july, it's still it WOULD STILL BE relatively decent. And I get to keep my Pistou. And I WOULD get to keep my Pistou. Let's not get carried away.

3) Audray is in reflexion about our relationship. We're confused. We need to clear some things up. She needs to probe herself to see what she really feels, and what's the result of stress and bad context. Pass or break case scenario.

And I don't know how to deal with any mix of these potential outcomes. Particularly a negative unfolding of the third point. Ugh.

If I would be a religious man, I'd pray. It would seem appropriate at times like this. But unfortunately, I'm not, and I don't. *sigh*

Send me positive thaughts!

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Aburd humor, stupid jokes and a ninja theme. I LOVE ASKANINJA! :)

And even better, a more recent serie:


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This is EXACTLY my father's understanding of computer stuff!!! :D

Also, for those who enjoyed the other "Bill Gates as a sexy stud" picture, here goes!


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Anyone DARE to say I don't have the most adorable puppy? :D


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I finally found the ultimate geekness test, very complete, very thorough. All of you, my friends, who tag yourselves proudly as geek (and having an LJ definitely counts as a potential geekness trait), will be pleased to take it! And I can't wait to see your scores!
Test's URL:

The page doesn't provide an HTML output, though, so I used a screen-capture tool. Here's a link to a freeware screen capture app:

I was baffeled that all my geekness got me only a 31% score... (although that's considered "Total Geek"!)...

GEEK SHALL RULE THE EARTH! But later, I gota log in EQ and check if my stuff sells in the bazaar...


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I feel good because I believe I have made progress in rebuilding the people's trust in their government.
- Arnold Schwarzenegger

I think that gay marriage should be between a man and a woman.
- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Money doesn't make you happy. I now have $50 million but I was just as happy when I had $48 million.
- Arnold Schwarzenegger


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to continue in the same vein as 2 posts ago, concerning McD's:


I had the most angering meeting this morning. In the process of searching for someone to transfer the lease to, I had the landlord over and a guy, called Marco Brassard, supposevly a wedding photographer and company owner. Supposevly. The landloard and I both got the feeling he was a con man. Big talk. He claims he makes (with his supposed team) 80 weddings per summer at roughly 3000$ each, and yet looks for a place to have a home office. He'd be one of the biggest montreal wedding photographer with 80 @ 3K, but yet no one's heard of him. The whois registration info for his website shows a hotmail registration email.

And most angering, he was uttlerly disrespectful of me. Insulting. Talking me down, aggressivly. He really sounded like someone used to be hated, with a huge amount of built-up anger, looking for someone to put down to feel he's pulling himself up. I despise the man. The landlord (great guy, 400 pounds, 6 feet 5, very impressive fellow) even steped in somewhat menacingly saying he was disrespectful, and he expected his tenants to be respected.

Phiew. Good to let steam off.

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Bill Gates's Wealth: $69.827173 billion.
Age: 52 years old
Let's assume he made money from age 20 to age 52.
That's 32 years for 70 billion dollars - so 2 187 500 000$ per year.

I'm 26. That's 6 years between age 20 and age 26. I made on average 33K a year for those 6 years, so roughly 198 000$ total.

When I give 2$ to a homeless guy or a squejee, it represents two 198 thousandth of my total wealth.

Two 198 thousandth of his wealth is 353 535$.


I don't know where I'm heading out with this, but I know it's frustrating.


I'm off to bed.


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